Revisiting Religion
Ultra Spin in Arutz Sheva Article

An article on the Arutz Sheva: Israel National News website titled “Why did religious students meet an ultra left activist" tried to explain why a group of Jewish students met with Israeli checkpoint activists.  While reading, I thought to myself, umm ‘why wouldn’t they.’  The students from Yeshiva University in the US were on a war and history studies trip throughout Israel.  The article quotes their rabbi/professor who said that the students should hear both sides "to be able to defend Israel much better".  This confused me.  Shouldn’t they hear both sides to be able to have a deeper understanding of the situation and to formulate their own conclusions.  I’m all for offering different perspectives, but not with biased intent.  It seems hard to reach communal respect and understanding when everyone’s mind is already made up.  The slanted article goes on to site an instance where the activists got it wrong, advocating for a young boy at a checkpoint who was actually carrying explosives.